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Album Liner Notes

When things don’t go as planned, oftentimes we are being redirected to something even better, according to Indie Country Star Luanne Hunt.  Hunt says if we stay open to, and show up for, whatever God has for us, our paths will unfold more beautifully than we could’ve ever imagined.

Hunt knows what she is talking about, as many of her disappointments have turned into destiny.  Case in point, in 2008, the three-time, Grammy-balloted recording artist was commissioned to write and record the theme song for the national children’s charity, Andrew’s Toy Box.  

The studio she normally recorded at gave the singer the brush-off when she called them to book a session.  Undeterred, Hunt called New Wine Studio in Apple Valley, CA for help with the project and its owner, Eric Uglum, happily agreed to assist in producing the charity’s new song, “Andrew the Lamb.”

Eric’s studio drummer, Roger Gillespie, recommended renowned piano player Hal Ratliff (the Righteous Brothers, Grass Roots) to play on the tune and, as they say, the rest is history.

Over the years, Ratliff became a key musician for Hunt and she credits him for much of the magic behind her music.  The keyboard phenom is featured on Hunt’s numerous No. 1 hits, such as “The Sun’s Comin’ Up Over Memphis,” “Texas Tears,” and “Lightning in A Bottle,” to name a few.

 In 2020, Hunt and Ratliff teamed up for Luanne’s 19th studio album, “You See Me Lord.”  Hunt says the seven-song project is intended to uplift, encourage and bring peace to the soul.  While she wrote all of the tunes, Ratliff created the instrumental tracks, which include everything from piano and organ, to bass, strings, oboes, harps and a variety of other instruments.

“Thank God those original studio people treated me so poorly because I might not have met Hal,” said Hunt.  “He plays at a level few can do and to have him on my team is a blessing of epic proportions.

“His work on ‘You See Me Lord’ is superb.  Each track is beautifully constructed and no stone was left unturned in terms of creating music that moves you in ways that are difficult to describe.”

According to Hunt, every song on “You See Me Lord” was written with a desire to offer positive messages about finding strength in one’s faith in these troubled times.

“We all need to be reminded that the God we serve is bigger than any mess that’s created here on Earth,” Hunt said. 

The songs on the project include the title track, “You See Me Lord,” as well as “Enter His Peace,” “From Now Until Forever,” “Answer the Call,” “Make Me an Instrument,” “Nothing to Fear” and “Beautiful Fire.”

The album is available on iTunes, Amazon Music and most other digital download outlets.