New CD Drops October 8, 2018

Luanne's 14th studio CD, "Backroads, Bottles & Blues" is set to be released Tuesday, October 8 for worldwide streaming and distribution.  Preview the tracks on the home page of her website.


They say that art is subjective but I have never really bought into that notion - not when it comes to great works of art, anyway.  As an example, take the song “Yesterday” by the Beatles. Who would be foolish enough to embarrass themselves by saying that’s not a musical masterpiece? Whether it’s music, a painting, or any other artistic creation, there’s a certain level of quality that cannot be denied.  Over my 20-plus years of writing, producing and recording songs, I have worked to find that magical formula, believing that if my music was “that good,” it would surely bring me the success I’ve been intending. 

Interestingly, when the first single from this CD, “Lighting In A Bottle,” was released in the spring of 2018, it took off like a rocket.  The duet, which I co-wrote and performed with Steven Bankey, has that undeniable magic I’m referring to. Like most hit songs, it takes you somewhere and leaves you wanting more. I believe the other six tracks on “Backroads, Bottles & Blues” are just as special and without a doubt the best songs I’ve ever produced and recorded.  Creatively, I am satisfied because I know that I have finally reached that level of excellence I have been striving for. No subjectivity applies. LOL!!! 

As you experience this recording, know that you are listening to literally some of the finest musicians in the world - Hal Ratliff (keys), Austin Ward (bass), Christian Ward (fiddle), Roger Gillespie (drums), Joe Eiffert (lead guitar) and Eric Uglum (rhythm guitar, harmony vocals).  All of these guys have played with an array of the biggest names in show business and I am incredibly fortunate to have them on my team. 

I also have been blessed tenfold to have Stephanie Hillstock and Donna Brendel (The Luettes) as my superstar background singers. These ladies are the realization of a dream for me and honestly, the dream is even    greater than I ever imagined. Several other singers and musicians contributed to this CD and provided the “icing on the cake.”  Many, many thanks to Abrie Mikkelson, Paul Peterson, Jourdyn Blair, Leon Vanegmond, Brian Freeland, Toby Wilson and Julian Andre Thomas. I also would like to extend special gratitude to Dave Berg and Tim Thompson, who co-wrote “The Rhythm.”  It’s one helluva hit and I can’t believe I am the one who has been lucky enough to debut it on a world stage.  

 My husband and collaborator Steve Hunt deserves mountains of praise for his spectacular songwriting talents. I’d really be nowhere without the tunes he has written for me.  And I really don’t have proper words to express how grateful I am to have Steven Bankey as a duet partner and co-writer.  I knew Steven was something special the first time I heard him sing, so working with him has been an honor of epic proportions. 

Lastly, but not least, my gratitude runs deep for Laura Patterson and Sherry Lynn Bradshaw-Torix of Star 1 Records. These two “angels” showed up in my life at the exact right moment and their support has meant more than they will ever know. 

 Happy listening, my friends!